Phonebloks – The Lego Phone

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What is Phonebloks?

Phonebloks is a revolutionary device that may breathe new life into the mobile market. Phonebloks phone is based around a single pegboard. To add components, you have to fit them, puzzle-like, on the back. The display goes on the front and is also modular and easily replaceable. Once all your […]

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The 4G network is fast becoming the norm, as 3G speeds simply cannot cut it with apps and mobile sites demanding more. As 4G is rapidly replacing 3G in most areas, there’s also an increasing number of 4G enabled phones available to buy.

The iPhone 5, released in 2012, offers a lighter, […]

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Mobile phone maker Nokia is seeking a US patent for tattoos that vibrate to let people know when they have calls on their mobile phones.

Technology laid out in a patent application available online on Wednesday in the US would enable tattoos to receive magnetic waves emitted by mobile phones.

Waves would trigger tattoos to […]

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Earlier this month, security researcher Trevor Eckhart published information that showed how software manufactured by a company named Carrier IQ logs and transmits data on your personal cell phone without your consent. Carrier IQ responded by suing Eckhart (the suit has since been dropped). It then issued a […]

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