The Dell Inspiron line of laptop computers has dramatically changed over recent years but the new product line for 2013 displays several new changes and developments created to enhance user experience. Four major components have been implemented to the newer design resulting in utmost use-ability and convenience:

Lighter Weight, Thinner Designs


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Everyone loves a new toy now and then, even big “kids.” Whether it’s a new car, a new television, or a new phone, there is probably something out there that could be just what you need to make life easier and more fun. Just because the holiday shopping season […]

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Windows 8 FAQ

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What is Microsoft releasing today?
Starting today, you can download the Consumer Preview beta version of Windows 8 (as well as the beta of Windows Server 8 and the beta of Visual Studio 11). The Consumer Preview version is free and available to the general public to try out.

Where can I […]

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You’ve got a new Notebook – one thing that is common to all these is the battery and what we ALL want is better Battery life.

Operating Systems are becoming more and more graphic intensive, whilst applications do everything they can to hog system resources. The average battery life per continuous use still stands at a […]

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