What is Phonebloks?


Phonebloks is a revolutionary device that may breathe new life into the mobile market. Phonebloks phone is based around a single pegboard. To add components, you have to fit them, puzzle-like, on the back. The display goes on the front and is also modular and easily replaceable. Once all your components are on, lock them in place with two screws.

It’s like an app store for hardware.

Today the mobile market is largely dominated by Apple & Samsung with Nokia, HTC and RIM devices trailing. All these major players are churning out devices like they’re going out of fashion. With each change or upgrade comes a hefty price tag.

"Phonebloks", "Smartphone"

With Phonebloks you can update the parts that are lagging. For a good run down of it’s features, take a look at this short video.

At the moment, Phonebloks is still just a concept. The creator of phonebloks is attempting to create some attention to get this concept off the ground. To help them get this off the ground, please visit their website: http://www.phonebloks.com/


The question is, will it?





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