Contact TechHelper today and we’ll come out and set up your media centre in your home.

We’ll set-up your network capable televisions to your network and allow you to stream from a PC or NAS.


"Plex", "Home Entertainment Setup"

  •  Advice on Network ready TV’s
  • Set up of your TVs on the network
  • Wireless/Ethernet Network Set Up
  • Set up of your Media device
    •  Run your media centre from your PC
    • Run your media centre from your Apple MAC
    •  Run your media centre from a NAS (Network-attached storage)
  • Have all your TVs, iPads, iPhones, Android devices streaming media from the same device.
  • PLEX

Contact TechHelper on 0717 204 182 or fill in the simple to use online form by clicking HERE.


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