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Our Data Management services include but are not limited to:




Backing Up Your PC

We are living in the information age, and in this age people are unaware of how quickly a new device might fail. Precious photos, personal files, business records etc.
Forensic data recovery does not come cheap. Prevention is the key. Talk to me to find out how!!

Backing Up Your Mac

Just like with a PC, things can go pear shaped rather quickly. Prevention will keep you smiling and Money in your pocket.

Secure Wipe your PC

Sometimes you might like to make sure your data is wiped before you move it on an old PC elsewhere. We will wipe your PC securely. We use a DOD (Department Of Defence) grade program that ensures what we wipe, stays wiped and cannot be restored through forensic data retrieval.

Document Management

We will help with best practice techniques for storing your data so it is easy to access.

All you have to do is fill out some details on the easy to use Contact Form and I will get in touch with you.


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