Today I will be reviewing a case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 courtesy of our good friends at MobileZap. The case that we have under the microscope is the Spigen Slim Armor View Case.

The first thing that springs to mind when you see this cover is that it is very stylish. Whether you have it in white or the black variation, your phone is going to look good.

Spigen Slim Armor View Case answer  Spigen Slim Armor View Case White  Spigen Slim Armor View Case black

The next thing that will catch your attention the protection that this case offers the phone. I am confident that if I were to drop this phone with the cover on that the phone will suffer no effects whatsoever. This is largely thanks to the Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polycarbonate case. Although the cover doesn’t make the phone too bulky, you get the sense that your phone is sitting inside a tank, which is nice for some piece of mine (especially if you are like me and you’ve shattered you phone in the past). You’ll also notice when holding thhe phone in the cover that you never get the sensation that you are going to drop the phone, once again, that comes down to the Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polycarbonate materials used.

The case offers great convenience with the interactive window that allows you to answer/reject calls without opening the cover. It also allows you to view your notifications with a touch of your home button.

The case sits very snugly around the phone. Buttons are positioned perfectly so there are no difficulties pressing home/volume and power buttons. The only annoyance is when the case is folded all the way back and you want to take a photo. The lens is obscured by the cover slightly, but only in that scenario.

Spigen Slim Armor View Case for Galaxy S4  Spigen Slim Armor View Case for Galaxy S4  Spigen Slim Armor View Case for Galaxy S4


  • Interactive Viewing Window: Easy access to multi-functions of the phone without removing the case
  • Automatic Sleep/Awake function
  • Combination of TPU and Polycarbonate for dual protection from drops and scratches
  • Advanced Shock Absorption Technology: Web Pattern TPU case
  • Slim and form-fitted to Galaxy S4

I’ve had this case for about 3 weeks, i really wanted to give it a good test run before I started writing about it. Whenever I put my phone down it usually gets picked up by a friend who asks about it.

So if you want a case that looks good, protects your phone and has exceptional build quality then this is the case for you. The only place to get it is at MobileZap for the low price of $51.99.

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