Today I will be reviewing a case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 courtesy of our good friends at MobileZap.
      Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Case

At first glance the case doesn’t look like much eg it isn’t very bright and sparkly but then it wasn’t meant to be. Once you have the case on the phone the case adds a nice look and feel. The black and white color contrast make it look elegant something liken to holding a nice leather wallet rather than a phone.

From the get-go you have a stylish case suitable for the casual user to the business user.

The cover requires you to remove the original back cover of the note as it has its own encompassing back cover which adds to the feel that your phone is truly protected.

The only downside if you could call it that was making sure that you align the groves on the inside of the phone correctly with those one the cover when putting it on to ensure that the phone sits flat in the cover. Also as the cover is new it took a day of use before the case could be trained to close properly, I just used an elastic band.

Ok cover is on, did it meet usage tests, firstly upon closing the cover the device went into standby mode (see pic) which ultimately will mean no battery drain.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Case

The phone easily allowed me to answer my calls with the cover closed, but I was a little disappointed that while it notified me of my incoming sms/messages I was unable to open them with getting into the device. I guess you can’t have everything and a great looking case.

All in all, for a case that looks great, protect my phone and let’s me answer my calls, my three criteria I am very happy! At $38.99 from MobileZap, this case is a steal so pick one up today.

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