Today I’ll be reviewing a pair of wireless headphones, courtesy of the the good people at Initially, when I was given the Avantree Hive Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones to review I thought I was getting a stock /standard pair of headphones. What I got was a great all round device that I will describe as a Headset, rather than the advertised Headphones – We’ll get to my name change a bit later.

Pairing the device is quite easy to accomplish. Ensure the device you’re pairing with has bluetooth on and is set to receive, press the multifunction button for 7 seconds and you’re almost there. You might need to enter a default pairing code (usually 1111 or 1234) and there you are, paired.

"Avantree Hive Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones"

First charge takes about 4 hours and then 3 hours to fully charge after that. The Headset also comes with a cable so you can use it as standard headphones if the battery runs out. Battery life is very long lasting, several 50 minute commutes without further charging.

This headset is not advertised as being waterproof, but my test plan included taking it out and giving it a good run. I’ll go out on a limb and say that it is somewhat water resistant. To what extent, I cannot say though…I am not about to go dunk them in a bucket of water.

The sound quality on the Headset is quite surprising. When you press play on the headset or on the earphones the sound fades in from a low level to the default sound level. You can change the volume on the headset by using the toggle switch on the earphones itself. 

This brings me to the device options itself. On the front of the headset you have the volume toggle switch. This switch performs 2 functions.

  • By pushing the switch forward and back and holding it in that state for a little while you activate the lower volume/raise volume option.
  • By tapping the switch forward and back and releasing straight away you switch to the next track or previous track (this was a very welcome find).

Avantree Hive Wireless Bluetooth Stereo HeadphonesThe Play/Pause button activates the Play/Pause feature on your device. This works as well as can be expected. It has been iOS7 road tested too.

The biggest surprise that I encountered during my testing was when I took a look at the multifunction button. The multifunction button is the button that has the telephone icon. Before I go any further I’ll state that the bulk of the testing was performed on an iPad with Retina Display running iOS6. So I got a mate of mine to FaceTime me. I was able to answer the call using the headset and I discovered that the headset also has a built in microphone. The feedback that I got from my mate was that my voice was very clear to them. I also had no complaints with the sound coming back to me.

So not only is this a great headset for listing to your favourite tracks or movies on but you can also take your calls seamlessly.

The overall comfort and feel of the headset is great. I’ve got a pair of high end Sennheiser HD 25-SP II Studio Monitors and I would rate the comfort of the Avantree Hive Wireless as better than those. You can quickly and easily adjust the arms to suit your head width and length.

I can’t speak for the durability of the headset as I’ve only had them for about a week. However they do look very well made and has a nice finish to it so it looks very stylish.

Recently I plugged a Blutooth USB Dongle into my Samsung 7 Series TV, and you guessed it… I was able to stream the sound from my TV to the Headset. Love it!!

The Verdict: I really like this headset. I originally planned on reviewing these and then giving them away. I’ve changed my mind though, I am keeping them and they’ve made mydaily commute much more comfortable. No longer am I pulling out cables, getting in a tangle. I press play, toggle when I please and that’s THAT. For what you see on the price tag at MobileZap, you’d be crazy not to purchase these.

Where to Buy?

If you’re after a great online store to purchase these or any other Bluetooth Headphones please visit MobileZap, their pricing is great, speedy checkout and delivery.


  • Bluetooth stereo headhone with mic
  • Enjoy wireless music and answer phones calls in crystal clear stereo sound
  • Corded option for non Bluetooth-enabled phones, MP3 etc.
  • Long working time – up to 18 hours music / talk time.
  • Auto-connection, easy to use.
  • Comfortable wearing and secure carrying.

"Avantree Hive Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones"Product Specifications

  • Bluetooth V2.1+EDR, Class 2, 10m
  • Support Headset Profile, Hands free Profile, A2DP, and AVRCP
  • Talk/Music time: Up to 18hrs
  • Standby time: up to 8 days
  • Charge time: About 3 hours
  • Weight: About 180g
  • Size: 180(L) * 170(W) * 71(H) mm

What You Get

  • Bluetooth stereo headphone with mic
  • Detachable 3.5mm audio cable
  • Charging cable
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

If you have any questions or comments regarding this device please leave your comments below.


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