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Is it time to clear the dust and shift your sights to a swanky new version of Windows? There’s a conversation buzzing around office watercoolers and social media at the moment and it’s a bigger controversy than Kanye West running for president in 2020 (I kid you not). The big question on everyone’s lips is this: to upgrade or to not upgrade? I can copy and paste whole conversations straight off Facebook about it. Pros and cons, fors and againsts. Despite the scattered opinions, I went ahead. I greedily sucked in the free offering and did it. I said to myself, “Oooh, nice shiny bright thing!” and ran like a baby with arms outstretched into a Microsoft hug (if you can call an upgraded OS that).


So, let’s pull this apart. Was I hasty or cutting edge? Well, after living with my decision for a few weeks now, I can tell you I was both right and wrong. Overall I love it. But.


The upgrade to Windows 10 is free for one year from time of release (July 29, 2015) to users who have already installed on their computer, versions of either Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and to Windows Insiders. That’s a good thing right? Maybe. Microsoft have somewhat indicated they are keeping an eye on how it all goes, so they can then get the (paid for) business version just right. We’re kind of guinea pigs, in other words. Until Windows 10 gets its act entirely together it’s still a bit “buggy” – my entire “Start” button and Cortana (think Siri) went missing for a few hours. And so now I’ve got used to Microsoft’s own buzz phrase, “We’re working on it.” Ho hum.


Given that, you may wish to wait for a few more updates to go through – like the major one supposedly rolling out in October – before jumping the gun. The good news is, Microsoft will support Windows 10 for around the next ten years.


One of the biggest issues has been the way Microsoft continually chats to your machine. There’s a lot of info travelling back and forth between my little ol’ laptop and hungry Microsoft servers presently. People love to feel in control with their lives and their computers it seems. If you’re like some of us and don’t mind Microsoft pumping through updates you have no idea about, then relax, you don’t have much to worry about. But if you like to be the boss of your pc, you may have a few late-night arguments with it. Some settings go AWOL when updates come through. And the fact my ‘Aeroplane Mode” button is constantly stuck on (though I Googled a way to bypass it) has been a contentious issue for me.


There is much to love about Windows 10, however, especially if you’ve been running windows 8. It’s pretty much a hybrid of 7 and 8. However, a few favourites I had in Windows 7 have gone south, like Windows Media Player for one.


But it’s what you get used to, right? And I, for one thing, don’t want to be left behind.


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James’ Hunter is an editor at ThePCDoctor.com.au. While he is not indulging aesthetic pursuits like collecting fine watches and bespoke suits, James’ writes topical IT pieces and reviews for computer games.

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