"Apple iPhone 5", "Samsung Galaxy S3", "Nokia Lumia 920", "Motorola Razr"

The 4G network is fast becoming the norm, as 3G speeds simply cannot cut it with apps and mobile sites demanding more. As 4G is rapidly replacing 3G in most areas, there’s also an increasing number of 4G enabled phones available to buy.

The iPhone 5, released in 2012, offers a lighter, slimmer handset and faster hardware than its predecessor the 4S. With a large, clear display and a powerful 8MP camera, the phone also offers HD video recording and the ability to connect to wifi as well as the 4G network. iPhones are always famed for their apps and now with a larger 16:9 screen, playing games and watching Youtube videos has never been so enjoyable. Teamed with the 4G capabilities, this is a great choice for a smartphone with 4G.

Often seen as going head-to-head with the iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE is a leading addition to the collection of 4G smartphones. One of the most impressive features of this Android phone is that it can charge wirelessly via a docking station, which alleviates the awkwardness of trying to charge your device whilst watching videos or playing games. The massive 4.8 inch screen with Gorilla glass means it’s comfortable to use and there’s less risk of damaging this phone in your pocket. Also boasting an 8MP camera, HD video and a quad-core processor, this 4G smartphone is one of the most stylish, fast and functional 4G phones available today.

Motorola have steamed into the forefront of the market with their Droid Razr HD and Maxx HD 4G smartphones. Both phones are relatively similar but differ mainly by screen size, but both have edge to edge display which means ease of viewing when performing any task. Another Android phone means access to a huge market of apps and games to take full advantage of the 4G network and fast dual core processor. In addition to the Gorilla glass, commonplace in most modern smartphones, these Razrs also feature Kevlar fibre and waterproof nanocoating to add more physical security. The longer lasting battery also means that you can not only browse faster with 4G, but you can also browse for longer, too.

Nokia have made a comeback with their Lumia range of phones, and the Lumia 920 is a fantastic example of a stunning smartphone with 4G capabilities. The most impressive feature of this Lumia is the PureView technology and 8.7MP camera which makes image capturing enjoyable and fun. The 4.5 inch HD screen also means that you’ll see what you’re snapping clearly. The wireless charging feature offers a fuss-free way to keep your phone topped up with power, plus full HD video and music streaming makes this a truly fun 4G smartphone to use.

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