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The Dell Inspiron line of laptop computers has dramatically changed over recent years but the new product line for 2013 displays several new changes and developments created to enhance user experience. Four major components have been implemented to the newer design resulting in utmost use-ability and convenience:

Lighter Weight, Thinner Designs

Previous Inspiron models were on the heavy side but the new roll outs for 2013 feature designs that are less than five pounds and under an inch in thickness. The new 14, 15 and 17- inch Inspiron models are exactly .98 inches of slender and sleek plastic body construction (with a stylish matte finish) and can range in weight from 4.3 pounds to 6. The weight difference comes from the added dimensions of the screen size and the thickness of the model can also be slightly different, ranging from .98 to 1.4 inches in thickness, but this is due to another new capability for these laptops- touch screens.

The Ease of Touch

To completely utilize the capabilities of Windows 8, the 2013 Dell Inspiron models have the option of a touch screen. Now users can have the full experience of all the available Windows 8 features including the ability to tap, swipe, zoom and touch the screen to navigate systems and programs. 10-finger tracking in combination with enhanced gesture support also improves all touch screen options, resulting in a new, clean and compatible line of Inspiron laptops.

Better Hardware

Amongst the changes in design and screen, the new lines of Inspiron laptops from Dell also have dramatic changes for improved hardware and picture quality. The 2013 Inspiron 14 and 15 inch models offer screen resolution standards of 1,366-by-768 but the 17 increases the quality of image to a new 1,600-by-900 resolution. All the new models have been upgraded with Intel processors and offer the option of graphics processing through AMD Radeon HD 8730M and Nvidia GeForce GT 640M graphic processing units. HD webcams are also available to record video in 720p and HD content can be streamed wirelessly to a TV through WiDi Intel features.


We briefly mentioned above that the Dell Inspiron 2013 models featured sleek and slender plastic body construction with a matte finish but this line goes beyond that for utmost creative personalization with a variety of colors. Users can choose between blue, pink, red and dark grey color options as well as a light gray option of bare metal. Did we mention that the plastic body is made to look like newly brushed aluminum? The style of the new line of Inspiron laptops are sleek, stylish and colorful, offering users a chance to stand out and above the crowd with their new computer.

Inspiron Laptop Laptops in 2013

These changes have improved the new line of Inspiron laptops and we expect to see positive feedback due to such enhanced user experience. Through improved style, design and hardware, these laptops are setting the stage for laptop trends of the coming year.

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