"Drop7 iPhone", "Drop7 iPad", "Drop7 Android"This weeks App of the week is from the creators who usually make the most addictive games – ZYNGA.

At first you’ll play this game and you’ll have no idea what you are doing. You will start to get the hang of it and will want to find out why things work at times and not at others. At this stage you’ll have a quick look at the instructions and bingo. You’ll start playing like a champ. Hook, line and sinker!!! You’re now addicted.

Certainly a game to keep your brain warm.

A quick look at some useful tips:

  • Get rid of the grey circles
  • Smaller numbered circles are not good, especially 1 & 2
  • Chain reaction score very high
  • Clear board = 70,000 points
  • Chain Reaction are good for early strategy. Survivalal for the rest
  • Plan your moves. Think about it. When you’ve done that, think again!!

Drop 7 can be purchase from Apple’s App Store  for iPod, iPhone, or iPad or Google’s Play Store for all Android devices.

Download from Google Play

"Drop7", "Zynga", "Drop7 Android"

Download from iTunes

"iTunes", "Drop7", "Zynga", "Drop7 iTunes"

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