Recently Apple announced iOS 6.0 to be released later this year. iOS 6.O thus far includes the following:

  •  All new Apple Maps with turn by turn navigation and 3D Maps. The only downside to the Map so far is that it does not include "Apple Maps", "3D Maps", "iOS 6.0", "Turn by Turn Maps", "Smartphone"Walking Map. I am sure this will be rectified in the official release though.
  • If you are like me, then you were excited when you first hear about and first saw SIRI. As time went by you came to realise that it is pretty useless in its current state. The good news is Siri gets much smarter in iOS 6.0. Siri is doing much better at understanding commands. Unfortunately living in Australia means that we are STILL not fully connected with all of Siri’s services.
  • iOS 6 adds new calling features to your iPhone. Now when you decline an incoming call, you can instantly reply with a text message or set a callback reminder. And when things are just too hectic, turn on Do Not Disturb and you won’t be bothered by anyone — except can’t-miss contacts like your boss or your better half.
  • Facebook is not integrated into the iPhones software meaning you can update things much simpler.
  • Do you like using FaceTime but get annoyed that it is only active over Wi-Fi? Well this has now been unlocked with the onus of data usage put onto the Phone owner. Yep, you can now use it over your 3G or 4G mobile plan."Attach Photo", "iOS 6", "iOS6 Beta", "Apple iPhone"
  • Increased ease of adding attachments to mail and messages.
  • An offline reading list in your Safari. Download now, read it later (great when you are preparing to go through Sydney’s Airport Tunnel).
  • Find My Friends now can alert you when your friends reach a certain location, as it now uses geo fencing.
  • Find My iPhone now includes a new Lost mode. Now, if your iPhone goes missing, you can send a message to it for whoever found it with directions on how best to contact you.
Now that you have read all that you are probably thinking that you want it PRIOR TO RELEASE DATE!!!! Well, here’s how…
  1. Download the iOS 6 beta file for your device. At the time this was written, this was the best source: If you have any doubts then consult with google or leave a comment down below and I may direct you to another download source.
  2. If you haven’t already done so, upgrade to the latest version of iTunes (10.6.3). Then open iTunes.
  3. Plug in your device and back it up
  4. Hold down the option key on your Mac OR shift for Windows users, and click on the ‘Check for Update’ button. Do not click the ‘Restore’ button because it won’t work.
  5. Select the iOS 6 .ipsw file you just downloaded and allow it to install.

You should now be running the iOS 6 beta, and you can either setup your device as ‘new’, or restore your content from the backup you made earlier.

If the process fails and your device cannot be authorized, then restore your device back to iOS 5.1.1.

If you do attempt this, let us know how you get on in the comments section below. Also please show your appreciation by sharing this through your social networks.

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